How To Deal With Workplace Stress (Part 3)




We’ve all had stress in the workplace at some time or another in our business lives.  The question remains–how well do you deal with it?  Do you tend to ignore it so it continues to build, developing into a chronic condition that can affect all aspects of your life?  Or have you used some of the suggestions I’ve given you in Parts 1 and 2 to help lessen your stress levels?

I previously stated  that in order to manage stress effectively, you needed to address it in at least 3 areas of your life.  In Part 1, I spoke about Physical Health, and ways to De-stress your body.  In case you missed Part 1, you can access it here.  In Part 2, I talked about Mental Health, and ways to De-stress your mind.  In case you missed Part 2, you can access it here.  Now we’re going to finish out with the 3rd area in your life to address–your Sense Of Purpose.




You may be thinking “what exactly is purpose and what does it have to do with stress?”  While I could start off by saying that purpose can be thought of as a person’s calling in the world, it really is much bigger than that.  It includes everything from the relationships we have, to meaningful work, to the hobbies and activities we love and enjoy.  So purpose can really be thought of as the expression of our own unique spirit.




a-sense-of-purposeSo what happens if you ignore your purpose,  meaning, ignoring your relationships (including the one with yourself), suppressing your creativity, or not engaging with your work?  You trigger your stress response!  When you start to feel that your life is nothing but work and obligations, you begin to feel resentful, bitter, depressed, and certainly angry.  So how do you combat this?  By focusing on fueling all areas of your life, which inevitably will give you even more for which you can be grateful.  Let’s take a look at some ideas to help you deal with stress as it relates to your Sense of Purpose.




  • o-creative-facebookGet creative-Think back to when you were growing up…remember how much fun it was to do crafts?  Maybe you stopped your last creation because you ran out of time, or it wasn’t perfect enough.  Go back and channel your inner kid!  Creativity doesn’t just have to pertain to something involving arts and crafts…it can be something as simple as handwriting a card to a friend, or cooking a meal, or creating a vision board.  It’s okay to just play!



  • spend-quality-time-together-e1407170671538Schedule quality social time-When you’re up to your ears in work, it’s not hard to find yourself detached from your relationships.  Make it a point each week to schedule time with a loved one to just hang out and laugh.  No smartphones or work talk allowed!  Disengage from work and reengage with those important to you.






  • spirituality1-xz9fk6Get spiritual-Spirituality can mean different things to different people.  Regardless of what it means to you, one thing is clear–when you are overworked and chronically stressed, it’s not difficult to forget where you are in the bigger picture.  By getting back to your spirituality through meditation, prayer, or other rituals is a great way to gain a larger perspective as to what’s causing your stress and, therefore, begin to relieve it.





So the big takeaway from the 3 blog posts is quite simple…we cannot eliminate or escape stress in the workplace.  It’s just a byproduct of our hectic, fast-paced, crazy lives.  However, we can ease our stress levels in all aspects of our lives with meaningful thoughts, beliefs, and actions.




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