Were You Expecting Deja Vu?

physical therapyWhen I created Wilderman Physical Therapy, LLC I had one goal in mind.

To provide the ultimate care to my clients by giving them superior value in terms of service. Because when most people research anything, they generally look at 3 factors: COST, QUALITY, and CONVENIENCE. Often times, individuals will sacrifice at least 1 of these factors in their decision. The problem is, the current trend in health insurance is toward higher co-pays and increasing deductibles. As a result, many patients are paying for the majority of their care out of pocket, but not getting the best value for their dollar.

Many clients that I see have had prior attempts of treatment, whether it was from physical therapy, chiropractics, pain management (including painful epidural injections), massage therapy, acupuncture, or just family physicians treating their symptoms conservatively with medications. They were not completely satisfied with the outcome, and are still not back to their prior functional level.

So how am I different? For starters, you will spend 1 full hour with me, a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy. You will see no other support staff (or other patients for that matter), nor will you perform repetitious exercises that you can do on your own at home. Your treatment will not be dictated by what your insurance company will or will not cover—this is one of the primary reasons why I have chosen to be out-of-network and not accept insurance. I provide therapeutic outcomes that are in line with your goals to attain maximal success in getting you back to the activities you love. Bottom line—Fewer visits (COST), higher standards of care (QUALITY), and appointments generally needed only once per week (CONVENIENCE).

If you live in Wilmington, DE or the surrounding area and are looking for quality, 1-on-1 physical therapy care, call our office to schedule your appointment today.