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The Most Common Causes of Back Pain

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

It can happen at any time. Things are going well. You feel great, you feel fit, and you don’t think twice about health issues. Then all of a sudden you feel that your lower back does not feel quite right. You say to yourself “Maybe I just slept on it wrong,” or something simple along those lines. You rack your brain…”What could I have done?” You’re clueless…there’s no rational explanation. However, when it comes on, it leaves you suffering with back pain way longer than you think.

Let’s take a look at some very common reasons why back pain occurs. This way you can be on the lookout so you can act right away to get your back diagnosed properly (if you think any of these have happened to you).

  1. It could simply be the case where your lower back muscles are “throwing in the towel” after years and years of overuse.

  2. Maybe you experienced back pain a number of years ago and thought nothing of it then, but the real damage has been building slowly over time, and it’s finally decided to surface now that your body is not quite as strong or flexible as it once was.

  3. Do you sit a lot? At your desk at work, long commutes in the car…or maybe you’ve just picked up some bad habits like slouching in front of the TV or sleeping on your stomach.

  4. Maybe you’re the one person in your house that does everything for everybody…housework, picking up after kids and grandkids, working in the garden or yard, all the while putting stress on your lower back. If that’s the case, then all those years may be beginning to take its toll in the form of back pain and stiffness that you’re now suffering from. And the list goes on and on…

It is very rare that the reason for low back pain, or the root cause of it, ever gets more complex than any of the above reasons. I often say that back pain is inevitable and is actually the sign of an active lifestyle. It’s just a shame that when you turn 40, oftentimes 50, and most certainly 60 that your really strong back you had in your younger days isn’t quite the same anymore. The good news is that it’s often nothing that can’t be resolved if you get it looked at quickly and follow one or two pieces of advice.

Statistics show that 8 out of 10 individuals will suffer from some form of debilitating back pain…and here’s something that all of those people should have been told…chances are, if you’ve suffered from back pain lasting more than 10-14 days, it is not likely to completely go away on its own. That means you need to do something about it…something that involves more than just bedrest or pain meds. And, as it happens, if you want some tips on exactly what to do, I’ve prepared a special report. Go to and click the link to download my free report that shows you 14 ways to ease back pain without needing medications, injections, or surgery. Hope this helps.

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